Diganta LTD

A&A works to Plaza Singapore & Atrium at Orchard





RSP Architects Planners & Engineers Pte Ltd/ Benoy Ltd



Main Contractor:

Obayashi Corperation

Sub Contractor:

Diganta LTD Under Mero Asia Pacific PTE LTD

Façade System:

Curtain wall system, Cladding system, Skylight system



Plaza Singapura is a modern urban shopping centre with focuses on fashion, sports and entertainment as well as a wide range of cooking (restaurants, fast food) for families and young adults. The building is situated at the heart of Orchard Road, one of the world’s most famous shopping miles.

For Diganta, this had not been the first order in Orchard Road. The sound cooperation with the renowned team of architects at Benoy of Hong Kong and RSP Architects in Singapore proved once more, like on Project ION Orchard (also in Orchard Road), that Diganta met with the architects’ exacting requirements. The main contractor is the global player Obayashi Corporation with its branch office in Singapore.

The order comprises various contract work sections. The freeform canopies are designed of single-layer Diganta Plus System, galvanized and paint coated. The surface of the various canopies sums up to a total of approx. 3,000 sqm safety glass in a large triangular grid structure and directly connected aluminium panels. The skylight atrium with a glass surface of 1,500 sqm is a filigree roof structure providing plenty of daylight. Further unitized facades consist of 9,100 sqm glass and metal panels. The appearance is enhanced by about 6,000 sqm large white, adjacent aluminium coil curving around the building.

The approx. 35 m long and almost 14 m wide access to the underpass of the MRT station was designed in free form. The single-layer Diganta construction is also of glass in a grid structure and with its small connections matches well with the unitized facade of the building.