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Glass roof system

Glass Roof Systems capture timeless architectural traditions that have been popular for centuries. Exterior roof finishes also include aluminium in standard or custom colors. Glass Roof Systems provide a light and airy space but installation and maintenance of this system require special consideration to minimize the risk of serious injury or death. During installation, cleaning and maintenance, work should be performed from secured temporary platforms supported by structural components of the building.


This type of Glass Roof System has been maximized to its fullest aesthetic and design potential, as demonstrated in the Esplanade Project. The façade structure consists of a double layer space frame. A top chord, a bottom chord and diagonals have been executed using the MERO Bowl Node System. Triangular panes of insulated glass with thickness of 29mm have been installed on a surface area of 10, 731 sqm. The glass panels are fixed at the corners with aluminium discs at 2 equally spaced points along the edge of each pane.


This Glass Roof System has been effectively and skillfully utilized in the ION Orchard Project. This project is a Landmark of Urban Development whereby, MERO once again proves its outstanding competence in the realization of Free Form Shell Structures. The main canopy and the facades are constructed as galvanized, color-coated Single-layer patented MERO-PLUS SYSTEM. LED light sources on all node points of the façade and LED monitors provide further striking aesthetical effects by day and night.